Rs Entertainment  can help companies attain the recognition they were looking  for in a trade show. The unique and attractive concept of an Oxygen Bar automatically draws people of all ages and walks of life into the booth. Every event that Rs Entertainment has participated in has resulted in the ultimate media spectacle. Few other services attract this type of publicity, and certainly not at our low cost.

With hundreds of other companies competing for this same audience, a company’s booth must have a unique service to offer in order to stand out among the other booths. The ultimate, proven service to offer is an oxygen bar.

The standard exhibit attraction like bands, models, trinkets, and traditional giveaways usually do not retain the attendee’s attention for so long and are not necessarily conducive to striking up a conversation related to your exhibit. The Oxygen bar also shows a progressive attitude towards marketing and by extension towards the leading edge thinking in your company.

The Oxygen Bar is committed to helping your booth attain maximum exposure. We will do our best to customize our unique service around your needs. We are experts in this rapidly emerging industry and are committed to providing you with the impeccable service, quality, and all-around professionalism your company deserves.

 Oxygen Bar will provide our own full service counter with all of the oxygen bar equipment.

Please contact us with any additional questions you may have that are not answered in this package. We look forward to making your next convention, trade show, Party, Grand Opening or Other Special event a tremendous success.

Make your next big event more memorable!

The package includes:

1 O2 Zone Oxygen Bar 4 Station To Go lit acrylic bar

4 Aroma infusers

16 aromas for the Infusers

1 oxygen Generator

Color laminated aroma menus

Disposable Cannulas hoses (quantity per quote)

Delivery to show site
Client needs to provide:

Signed Contract

Designated contact person

4 Station Bar fits comfortably into a 12' wide by 8' deep booth. Will fit in a 10' if open on the ends.

Requires 1- 110V receptacle and draws less than 5 amps. The noise volume is very low less than 50 db's.

Bar is entirely self-contained and manufactures the oxygen needed on site. No Oxygen is stored in the bar. Most fire codes require no smoking within 40 feet.